What is the best season for travelling about Uzbekistan?

The best time is spring (from April till June) and autumn (from September till October). The weather is clear and the deserts bloom in April. Autumn is a time of harvest and the markets are full of fruit. If you are interested in trekking, the most suitable time for it is summer (July and August).

Passport and Visa: what is necessary for it?

All foreign citizens must have visa in order to be registered in Uzbekistan. You need visa support from national tourism agency or one of the representative independent transport agencies to get visa. It’s not obligatory for American and German citizens to have visa support, however they need visa to be registered in the country.

What is the electrical tension in Uzbekistan?

Electrical tension is 220 V. If you want to use an electric appliance 110/120 V, you have to reduce or transform the tension with the help of transformer, which you must buy.

Are there any limits in clothes for women?

In fact, there is not any strict limit in clothes, especially in Tashkent and other big cities, where the youth prefers freestyle. You can often meet young girls wearing traditional Islamic cloth, but it is their personal preference and not duty.
Nevertheless, in some regions like Fergana valley it would be better not to dress shorts. The same rule is used during visits to religious places, mosques, mausoleums and so on. Women must close their shoulders and chest as well and it is desirable to wear a kerchief.
You should follow the instructions given above in summer in order to protect youselves from the sun. You can use protective lotions.

Is it forbidden to drink alcoholic beverage?

It is not forbidden to drink and sell alcoholic beverage.

Is it safe to drink water from water-supply?

To drink the water from water-supply is not recommended, but you can drink it after boiling. The bottled water is widely acceptable all over the country.

What vegetarian food is there in Uzbekistan?

The vegetarians must order special course, as there is no usual vegetarian food, but there is a great choice of fresh vegetables and fruit in the local markets.

What kind of bread is there in Uzbekistan?

Uzbek bread looks flat. You can buy different sorts of bread baked by traditional methods.

What is the currency in Uzbekistan?

Official currency of Uzbekistan is Sum. There banknotes of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 sums. The coins, however they exist, are seldom used.

Can the credit cards be used?

You can pay by credit cards in some places, but mainly by MasterCard and Visa.